Green Technology is the need of hour to save

Ourselves Our Countries Our World Ultimately our Earth


Praana Green Tech Pvt. Ltd. is

Green Technology is the need of hour to save ourselves, our Countries ,World and ultimately our Earth. Our micro efforts will add value into the Green Energy and Carbon foot print. We will try with our micro efforts to become soul of the green energy development , around us. Our every small efforts, acts, any innovations, matters a lot to make our Greener World Tomorrow. We demonstrate with our efforts, acts and action for Greener World for us and our next generations. “Soul of Green Technology” is the literary meaning of “Praana Green Technology”. Vision of Praana Green Technology Team is Clean and Green World around us.

Our Services

Nacelle Cover
  • Design Optimization
  • Modular
  • Fire-retardant
  • High Performance/weight ratio 
  • Technology-Prepeg/Infusion
  • Detailed Layup sequence
  • Load Validation
Manufacturing-Wind Energy
Blade , Nacelle Cover, Transportation/Aero Space , Equipment
  • High performance Composites-High speed Train/Metro
  • Carbon/Glass Composites-Automotive
  • Buses- Hybrid Composite profile body building
  • Supply Chain development
Equipment for Composite Component Manufacturing
  • Design, Development, Validation, Manufacturing/Supply Chain
  • Line Equipments
  • Blade Handling , Storage, Transportation
  • SPM – Blade manufacturing
  • Industry 4.0- Automation/Digitalisation

About Us

  • Experienced Team –more than 20 years.
  • Composite– Wind Energy, Transportation.
  • Line Equipment , storage and Transportation Equipment– Design- CAD, Solid Works, FEA, Validation, development and Manufacturing support.
  • Resource support– Design, Process and Quality Support.
  • Raw Material testing, validation, usage, RCA.
  • Quality, Process and Manufacturing support.
  • Solar– Composite matrix panel
  • Blade-More than 25 NPI across leading Blade Manufacturer , includes Glass, Hybrid, Carbon blades from Offshore and On shore wind turbines.

We, The team of Engineers  from Wind Energy, Aerospace and Equipments  launched  a new startup Company, Praana GreenTech Pvt. Ltd. registered as  MSME unit, Govt. of India. Having presence in Bengaluru (Karnataka) and Vadodara (Gujarat).

Team have rich experience since   2004, from   world’s leading   wind turbine  and composite  component manufacturers , EPCs, Aero Space Industries, Equipment, Automotive  and Power Plant owners, across  the value chain.

We engineered innovative, cost efficient & localized solutions across the  life-cycle of  Wind renewables , Aerospace and Transportation .

We have developed  our expertise in Design, Evaluation, Validation, Development and Manufacturing  in Composite Component, Equipment, SPM, Transportation sectors. 

From Director's Desk

” We are innovative  in our approach, actions  and services”

” Customer Delight is our Passion”



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White Field , Belathur Main Road, Bengaluru-560067, India

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About us

We have rich experience since 2004, from world’s leading wind turbine and composite component manufacturers , EPCs, Aero Space Industries, Equipment, Automotive and Power Plant owners, across the value chain.

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