Our Services

Aero Space
  • High performance Composite component 
  • Design, development, validation and manufacturing
  • Carbon, Glass, Hybrid, Aramid 
  • Infusion, Prepeg, SMC, CMC, Pultrusion
Consultancy and Resource support
Material characterization, Quality Inspection, Business development and Technical support
Design , Development and Validation
Blade, Nacelle Cover, Equipment's, Transportation
  • Blade Manufacturing (/contract)
  • Process development  ,validation & serial production
  • WI/Documentation/Certification
  • Inspection/Checklist/Audit
  • Blade Handling/Transportation
  • Industry-4.0
Nacelle Cover
  • Design Optimization
  • Modular
  • Fire-retardant
  • High Performance/weight ratio 
  • Technology-Prepeg/Infusion
  • Detailed Layup sequence
  • Load Validation
Manufacturing-Wind Energy
Blade , Nacelle Cover, Transportation/Aero Space , Equipment
  • High performance Composites-High speed Train/Metro
  • Carbon/Glass Composites-Automotive
  • Buses- Hybrid Composite profile body building
  • Supply Chain development
Equipment for Composite Component Manufacturing
  • Design, Development, Validation, Manufacturing/Supply Chain
  • Line Equipments
  • Blade Handling , Storage, Transportation
  • SPM – Blade manufacturing
  • Industry 4.0- Automation/Digitalisation

Mechanical Design Consultancy & Support

Resource Sharing and Contract Staffing:
We offer the Staffing Solution in Mechanical system for Design and Development with Flexible and cost effective model . Team of Skilled Technical resources in the Area of Equipment, Special Purpose Machine(SPM) and Wind turbine components, can deliver the requirement for Domestic and Global Customer .

Mechanical design capabilities
As a start up Company having proficiency in Mechanical engineering design and consultancy. We are capable to deliver the complete solution from cradle to grave to our clients. We deliver a cost effective and high-quality mechanical engineering design service which will quickly increase your design resources and development capacity. We are committed to delight our Customer with our Techno-Commercial services and service punctuality.

Flexible design resource
Our Team are highly skilled , flexible , open and professional, can able to deliver the project as per your convenience and requirement . Team can build up mutual confidence can ensure hassles project delivery. Team are capable to manage difference Cad tools Like, Solid Works, NX, Pro-E and AutoCAD as per project requirement.

Finite Element Analysis – FEA Services & 3D Simulation
 FEA to optimize and verify our designs, and those of our clients. We can help identify and calculate load scenarios and then conduct analysis of the design to ensure it meets the project’s requirements in full

Consultancy and Resources Support - Materal (OverseasSupplier)

Technical Support- Our Material Expert Team will support for all kinds RCA, validationandimplementation. New Product introduction, trial and validation.Business Development- Explore opportunity to develop new business in alignment with core Team. Testing and Trial in Lab – New Material Characterization, RCA validation, material and process development and validation.Project- Project based support

Blade Manufacturing

  • Blade Manufacturing with Experienced Team having experience more than 25 years.
  • More than 20 New Product /line introduction globally.
  • Quality- Audit, evaluation,rating, Tools, consistency, measurment
  • Problem Solving Approach- CFT, Quality Tools,Skill, Training, Evaluation, Validation, Consistency
  • Software- Tg evaluation, Inspection, process, measurment
  • Automation- Layup, sandering, Material Handling
  • Repairing- Infusion process, Quality improvement and consistency
  • Aesthatics- Infusion/vacuum bagging, Benchmarking, Touchup/coating 
  • Digitalisation- Lay up,inspection, measurment,evaluation, Material handling

Nacelle Cover Manufacturing

Design- Modular

Weight reduction- Target weight reduction by 25%. Partial replacement of steel with FRP pultrusion 

Safety- Fire Retardant FRP Laminate

Manufacturing Technology – Prepeg/Infusion Concept

Cost- Less than traditional Nacelle Cover.

Mechanical Strength- 10-15% more than existing resin system


New concept of 360 deg. water leakage validation

New generation sealant from Aerospace Industry

Assembly- New generation Technology for assembly at site.

Material- Highly optimized Resin system and Glass fabrics

Wastage- Process wastage reduction by more than 50%

Aesthetics- High Gloss and less repair

Transportation cost reduction- More than 50%



  • RTM Carbon
  • SMC
  • Prepeg
  • CMC
  • Glass/Carbon Fabrics
  • Carbon/Glass Pultrusion

Support Sectors-

  • Automobile
  • Aviation
  • Rail
  • Metro
  • Buses
  • Truck

Equipment Design and development

  • Lifting and Material Handling Equipment:  Design and development of the Lifting, Handling and  equipment’s as per Indian and European Certification.
  • Internal Transportation:  Design and development of the Transport trolly, wagon and other Transport solution.
  • Tooling and Fixture:  Support from conceptualization to design. Our experience help to systematize and validate your tool and fixture designs project

Reverse Engineering & Equipment Development

Make In India :

Our experience team can support our Client to develop the equipment and machine Location in the region by providing the Technical expertise in manufacturability and Standard follow in the Region. Which can help the our client to

  • Optimize the Cost of manufacturing
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Increasing Customer Base

Cost optimization Project VA/VE.

Our team can support and collaborate to the value engineering project and achieve the cost targeted by Analyses and manufacturing expertise.

Few Example:

Fabrication to casting or Visa-Versa.

Cost reduction in existing project

Capability in Manufacturing

 Wind Blade storage Frame

As we are very experience professional form wind turbine blade manufacturing industry, We  ready collaborate for high quality and cost effective design and development solution for wind turbine storage and Staking Frame

Blade internal and External transportation

Team has good experience and capability to design and developed the Internal and External Blade transportation System.

Blade and Nasal Lifting and Handling device

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We have rich experience since 2004, from world’s leading wind turbine and composite component manufacturers , EPCs, Aero Space Industries, Equipment, Automotive and Power Plant owners, across the value chain.

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